Trinseo Paris Steps Up to Volunteer

When faced with 922 steps and 42 floors of vertical climbing, the Trinseo Paris team rose to the task, fielding eleven employees in three teams for the 2022 Vertigo Race in La Defense, Paris.

The 2022 Vertigo Race raised 60.000 € in donations of which 2931€ was provided by Trinseo. Proceeds from the fundraiser will go to a range of charities selected by PLAY International.

For those unfamiliar with Paris' CB21 Tower, the massive green glass building, home to Trinseo's La Defense office, is a landmark building in the city's business district. Despite rising 188 meters into the sky, the power of philanthropy persuaded 11 employees to take up the vertical challenge on May 12, 2022.

It was an exhilarating experience for all three teams, two of which did a relay of ten floors each, while a third team did the entire climb of 42 floors together as a group. Here's what race participants and Trinseo colleagues had to say:

"Very pleased to have been able to take up the challenge and contribute to the fundraising for the NGO Play International," said Maud Nouis, Team Leader, Customer Service. "A good-natured, well-organized race where we have a nice time with the Trinseo team and the other participants. Too bad this event is not more frequent!"

"This event was really well organized. Happy to have participated in a cause as a team and despite the difficulties to climb all the steps, I was able to hold on and go to the end." Expressed Christelle Akué, Customer Service Representative.

"We are amazingly proud of our team, in both their drive to participate and their drive to help each other get to the top of the tower. It is great to be able to have fun and challenge ourselves for a good cause."

Julien Renvoise, Director, Trinseo Paris

race team

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