As a global company with operations in all regions of the world, Trinseo is carefully monitoring the coronavirus situation and taking actions to protect human health while working to mitigate the crisis’ effect on business operations. Safety of our customers, suppliers, and employees is a top priority for Trinseo.

As a supplier to Trinseo, we expect your support and cooperation during this challenging time.  The following are our Supplier Expectations Regarding Coronavirus Response:

  • No supplier or contractor is permitted on Trinseo premises if they have a fever, are ill, are suspected to be ill, or are suspected to have been exposed to coronavirus. Anyone who is sick should seek medical attention and not come to Trinseo facilities. This is the same policy we have for our own employees.
  • Suppliers must have advance permission to enter a Trinseo facility during the pandemic and many facilities only allow entry for essential services. Suppliers are required to follow the Trinseo facility’s procedures for safety and sanitation, which may include but may not be limited to, wearing masks at all times when at Trinseo facilities, filling out a health screening questionnaire, filling out a form in advance certifying that they will adhere to Trinseo requirements, requirement to have temperature taken or to take temperature before entry, maintaining social distance, hand washing or use of hand sanitizer prior to entry, and other requirements.
  • To the extent permitted, the number of visitors and on-site contractors entering Trinseo facilities should be kept to the minimum practical level to provide the service or product to Trinseo. Depending upon risk level, where possible, we encourage the use of digital tools and virtual meetings when appropriate.
  • Suppliers and contractors should avoid handshaking and other physical contact with Trinseo employees. This is the same policy we have for our own employees. We also encourage good hygiene practices including handwashing.
  • Delivery procedures should be modified to minimize direct contact with Trinseo employees wherever possible.
  • Applicable laws and regulations and local and national public health (e.g. CDC) guidelines must be followed.

We expect all Trinseo suppliers to comply with these Supplier Expectations, effective immediately. If complying with any of the above Supplier Expectations could disrupt your ability to comply with the terms of your contractual agreements with Trinseo, please reach out to your Trinseo contact as soon as possible to discuss the situation.

Trinseo continues to monitor the situation very closely and will regularly re-evaluate these Supplier Expectations.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Should you have any questions or require further information, please contact your Trinseo representative.

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