Innovative Resins for Home Appliances

Trinseo provides a broad portfolio of rigid and soft plastics with advanced performance properties that enable manufacturers to provide home appliances to the marketplace that are more robust, cost-efficient, and appealing to customers.

With years of experience supplying the home appliances market, Trinseo understands the challenges the industry faces today: reduce costs, improve sustainability, and meet changing consumer tastes.

Trinseo products have been designed to meet marketplace challenges and have set the standard globally in many application areas. We offer a broad portfolio of rigid and soft plastics that meet mechanical and aesthetic requirements for a wide spectrum of applications including refrigerators, air conditioners, and washing machines.

As a manufacturer of both rigid and soft plastics, Trinseo can meet the growing demand for high-quality applications that require a combination of the materials. The overmolding of soft TPE on rigid plastics delivers genuine advantages for a product's functional, visual, acoustic, and tactile properties.

To support our customers, Trinseo offers new adhesion modified TPE grades that play an important part in the development of applications with a soft-touch surface. Our Center of Excellence for TPE Technology & Specialized Overmolding Center (SOC) in Mussolente, Italy is equipped with state-of the-art laboratory equipment enabling our experts to measure the adhesion between soft and rigid components in accordance with the VDI 2019 standard. It enables us to determine the adhesion in relation to the main injection molding variables such as material temperature, mold temperature, injection speed, and injection/post pressure.

Trinseo’s technical team has developed specialty PMMA grades with highly improved properties such as chemical, scratch, or impact and thermal resistance, without compromising the outstanding aesthetic of the PMMA to fit market segment expectations for: ovens, refrigerators, washing machines, tumble dryers and other household appliances.

Trinseo materials for home appliances include:

Rigid Plastics (Thermoplastics)

Soft-Touch Plastics (Thermoplastic Elastomers –TPE)

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