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Rigid and soft material solutions: Meet the needs of an ever-changing marketplace

Building on three decades of expertise in the industry, Trinseo provides medical grade resins for single- and multiple-use medical devices. We offers rigid and soft plastic materials that enable patient- and provider-friendly medical devices – sustainable solutions for the industry’s evolving challenges and demands.

Strict quality standards and certifications

Trinseo’s material solutions enable excellent chemical resistance to withstand aggressive cleaners and disinfectants. We offer a platform of wear-resistant, high lubricity polycarbonate as well as ISO 10993 certified biocompatible glass-filled resins, and skin contact grades for applications with limited or non-invasive patient contact.

We produce our medical grade resins under strict quality guidelines, controlled conditions, and validated processes. Trinseo holds ISO 9001, 14001, 16949 and 13485 certifications, and applies the standards at sites as applicable.

Documentation requirements

To accommodate formal requirements and the need for documentation, Trinseo offers a Management of Change process that includes Formulation Lock, Notification of Change (NOC), Lot Traceability and Extended Record and Sample Retention.

Single source for rigid and soft-touch plastics

Trinseo is your single source for rigid and soft-touch plastics so you can benefit from our unique expertise in the development, production, and processing of both material types as well as a single point of contact with control over the chemistries of the rigid plastic substrate and the TPE for optimal adhesion in overmolding.

As a technology leader and innovator, our involvement with medical devices has taken us from syringe barrels and luer locks to some of the most advanced applications supporting the evolution in 5G Network technology that relies on cross-industry expertise.

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Trinseo offers two categories of materials for the medical industry:


Rigid Plastic Solutions (TP)  


Soft-Touch Plastic Solutions (TPE)


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