Rigid and Soft-touch Plastics for Devices that are Part of Our Lives

To support the emphasis on self-administered care, healthcare professionals need drug delivery devices that are effective therapeutically and ergonomically designed for everyday life.

Trinseo’s medical grade polymers meet the need of drug delivery devices, such as auto injectors, insulin pens, inhalers, and prefilled syringes. With a broad range of rigid and soft-touch plastics, we support medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers with application areas ranging from inside components to transparent windows to outer casings.

Recently launched wear-resistant, high lubricity grades are designed for plastic parts that need to move freely over other materials and when low friction is needed to prevent abrasion. These materials rely on a range of lubricants, additives, and other reinforcements including polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), silicone, glass filler, and color pigments. Depending on specific needs, customized grades can be developed exhibiting very exact performance properties. 

What separates Trinseo is our single-source capability. With our rigid portfolio in addition to our medical grade TPE materials, we are able to enhance an application with overlays that are attractive in appearance, pleasing to the touch, or with non-slip grips for added safety. And having control of both material chemistries — the TPE and the rigid substrate — Trinseo is able to achieve optimal adhesion between the two materials. Trinseo materials for drug delivery devices include:

They offer performance properties including:

  • High impact resistance and toughness
  • High stiffness / modulus
  • Low residual monomer and oligomer levels
  • Radiation and Ethylene Oxide sterilization resistance
  • Biocompability-testing
  • Appearance and color options

Several of our medical grade polymers for drug delivery devices also have a US FDA Master Access File or Drug Master File.

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Trinseo Material Solutions for Drug Delivery Devices

Trinseo Material Solutions for Drug Delivery Devices

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