Trinseo's Latex Binders business is focused on sustainability.

Latex Binders Sustainable Solutions

Trinseo has worked with Latex Binders customers on their material challenges for over 70 years, and today, an overarching industry priority is sustainability. To support this challenge, our latex binders business focuses on the following:

  • Incorporating ECO-friendly materials - We look for ways to replace fossil-based and non-environmentally friendly ingredients with alternatives ranging from bio-based chemistries to low VOC and formaldehyde-free grades to wood-fiber alternatives.
  • Helping customers achieve their own sustainability goals - Whether our latex binders play a major or minor role in an application, our goal remains the same -- to enable customers to achieve their sustainability objectives through the materials we provide or the end applications we support.
  • Creating positive environmental impact - As we strive to protect the environment and preserve natural resources, the Latex Binders team is focused on evolving our internal operations to positively impact the environment.

As you continue your sustainability journey, we invite you to consider Trinseo as your partner for sustainable latex binders solutions. Contact Trinseo today to learn more.

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