Cast Acrylic Sheets and Blocks - ALTUGLAS™ Product Families

Cast Acrylic Sheets and Blocks - ALTUGLAS™ Product Families

ALTUGLAS™ is Trinseo’s flagship PMMA brand name for sheets and blocks in Europe, Africa and Asia (PLEXIGLAS® in Americas only). It guaranties you a perfect balance between performance and aesthetics. ALTUGLAS™ acrylic sheet is the preferred partner to architects, designers and manufacturers. Combining beauty and transparency, lightweight and toughness, and available in an broad range of colors and surface effects, the product portfolio is extensive and incredibly rich. Over and above very stringent internal checks, the properties of ALTUGLAS™ sheets and blocks arise from a manufacturing process that fulfills very high standards. This ensures product with perfectly flat surfaces and no impurities.

This synthetic glass is a completely recyclable, environmentally friendly plastic alternative that is in line with any sustainability or circular economy strategy. In Europe, Trinseo acrylic sheets are produced in France (St-Avold) and Denmark (Bronderslev) and are compliant with the ISO 7823-1:2003 standard.

A More Sustainable Option

Trinseo meets the demand for sustainable materials with its PMMA offerings and opens new horizons with the ALTUGLAS™ R-Life grade.

ALTUGLAS™ R-Life cast acrylic sheet is a sustainable option made with a minimum of 75 percent chemical recycled Methyl Methacrylate (rMMA) monomer. ALTUGLAS™ R-Life recycled cast sheets provide comparable performance to a virgin material and has the potential to be recycled multiple times.

This recycled product is now on available in ALTUGLAS™ ClearWhite grade and will soon be commercialized in different colors and ranges.

The fundamental ranges of cast acrylic sheets in our collection, with transparent or opal, white or tinted, and colorless sheets.

ALTUGLAS R-Life CN is available for ALTUGLAS ClearWhite 

Magical ranges that play with light through their diffusing properties, enhancing signs at night and illuminating your designs with fluorescent and color effects.

Delivering an exceptional aesthetic, visual and tactile experience with a range of textures, styles and surfaces combining technology with modernity to create daring indoor/outdoor fittings.

Technical grades for protection from the weather, UV rays, corrosive products and noise, as well as grades with greater impact resistance and those suitable for food contact.

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