PMMA Beads ALTUGLAS™ - Additives

ALTUGLAS™ PMMA beads are ideally used as additives to give interesting surface effects, such as shine reduction, texturing and light scattering when manufacturing thermoplastic parts. They also make it possible to control the porosity of ceramic or metal parts, and even to favorably control the shrinkage of resin parts.

ALTUGLAS™ acrylic beads can be used for a wide range of requirements. Thanks to their numerous key performance properties, ALTUGLAS™ beads are the right candidate in many different applications such as:

Paints and Coatings

Compatible with waterborne or solventborne formulations, our acrylic beads will be part of your innovations, adding value on different aspects:

  • Aesthetic (texturing and surface effect)
  • Resistance to scratch and UV
  • Viscosity control
  • Green footprint (VOC reduction and Styrene content decrease)


Highly suitable for UP Resins or compounds in SMC/BMC, ALTUGLAS™ beads will enhance your composite parts through

  • Aesthetic aspect (Class A surface)
  • UV resistance
  • Shrinkage control
  • Green footprint (VOC reduction and Styrene content decrease)


Ideal to customize your polymer applications, the use of ALTUGLAS™ beads as additives will allow to create new effects

  • Aesthetic in texturing and surface
  • Scratch and UV resistance
  • Light scattering control


Polyvalent thanks to various compositions, our beads are suitable for porous material and glass interleaving applications. Their key performances for this application:

  • Porosity and interlayer control
  • Lifetime (weatherability)

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