Surface Effect

PMMA Surface Effect - ALTUGLAS™ Acrylic Resins

As a market leader, Trinseo offers numerous  coating solutions to protect and beautify substrates such as ABS, PVC, HIPS and more. The result: an unique finished product with a combination of smart properties coming from its various component materials.

ALTUGLAS™ acrylic resins for surface effects give to various substrates (like ABS or PVC) traditional PMMA properties like UV and scratch resistance, combined with additional surface structuration. This enables it to answer to aesthetics and surface protection needs for numerous applications including agricultural or earth moving vehicles, windows profiles, gutters, bathrooms (shower trays and bathtubs), roof boxes, etc. Surface effects are inherent to our product formulations and intimately linked to extrusion process technology.

Matt grades

ALTUGLAS™ DRT Matt grade provides a low gloss, soft touch finish.

Super matt grades

ALTUGLAS™ HFI-10 Super Matt and ALTUGLAS™ CR-8 Super Matt grades provide a low gloss, soft touch finish. ALTUGLAS™ CR-8 Super Matt resin also provides greater chemical resistance.

Smooth matt grades

ALTUGLAS™ HFI-10 Smooth Matt grade provides a low gloss, amazing soft touch experience.

Frosted grades

The ALTUGLAS™ Frosted grades provide a low gloss, frosted finish. This range provides grades with various flow and impact levels.


Trinseo also offers capstock resins under the brand SOLARKOTE™.

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