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Special Care by Trinseo

Trinseo acrylic sheet is a superb, high quality, transparent and durable product! As with any high quality material, it needs to be maintained using appropriate products, as demanding as the performance can be. Take care of your installations with our cleaning and polishing products designed specifically for maintenance and to preserve its appearance. Gluing Trinseo sheet and blocks yields excellent results and highly aesthetic effects. The mechanical properties will depend on the glue that is used. A care kit that will help you to conserve your Trinseo sheet and blocks longer. It is your insurance that they will always remain just as beautiful, for many years to come.

Geography Availability

  • Africa and Middle-East
  • Europe
  • Asia-Pacific
  • Oceania
Trinseo Special Care Products

Special Care Cleaner


533 10002

Special Care Polish 1


530 10002

Special Care Polish 2


531 10002

Special Care Adhesive P10



526 11002

Dual component polymerizable glue, industrial adhesive for strong mechanical resistance.

Special Care Adhesive S2003E



525 40002

Single component solvent glue. High viscosity. Contains no chlorinated solvents. Can be used to bond elements for a variety of applications.

Special Care Adhesive S2002



525 50002

Single component solvent glue. Low viscosity. Can be used to bond elements for a variety of applications.

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