Polypropylene solutions for cost-efficient and lightweight automotive applications

Trinseo offers a flexible and broad portfolio of differentiated polypropylene (PP) solutions for lightweight design and premium aesthetics. Our PP solutions have been developed to meet even challenging automotive application requirements.

Whenever automotive OEMs and their suppliers need improved mechanical or chemical resistance for reliable durability at efficient costs, Trinseo PP solutions offer the right production and performance benefits.

Based on glass reinforcement elastomer technology, VELVEX™ Reinforced Elastomers deliver an unprecedented combination of very low gloss, outstanding scratch resistance, good processability, and high cost-efficiency for premium unpainted interiors.

INSPIRE™ Polypropylene Compounds have been developed for vehicles’ interiors and exteriors and offer weight and cost reduction potential. They are optimized for both painted and unpainted high-quality applications as well as parts with thin wall thickness.

Wherever stiffness, dimensional stability, and thermal resistance are important, the system-based approach of the ENLITE™ Structural Polymers product family provides maximum flexibility. Ideal for specific areas where process constraints are limiting, our advanced ENLITE™ PP LGF solutions can replace aluminum or steel and enable lightweight semi-structural parts – also with unpainted Class A surfaces where this is a requirement. 

Learn how ENLITE™ LGF 1604 Enables the Next Generation of Weight Saving:

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