TYRIL™ SAN Resins for Lighting

Transparent plastics for lighting applications require a broad combination of resin properties. TYRIL™ SAN Resins offer an excellent overall combination of properties and cost-effectiveness.

Trinseo’s styrene acrylonitrile (SAN) monomer polymers are strong, transparent engineering thermoplastics. They offer a unique combination of clarity, processing ease, and cost-effectiveness for industrial and commercial lighting applications. Other performance properties include UV stability and chemical and heat resistance.

Processing advantages include:

  • high Vicat softening points and excellent melt flow rates, which lead to shorter cycle times
  • a wide processing temperature range, which allows for large part production using fewer gates and runners
  • blending capability with other polymers

TYRIL™ SAN Resins offer outstanding choices for lighting manufacturers that are looking for new material solutions to help them gain a competitive edge. Get in touch with a Trinseo expert to learn more.

TYRIL™ SAN Products

Injection Molding Brochure

Injection Molding Brochure

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