Demonstrating the power of reclaiming, reprocessing and reusing

With a leadership position in the development of circular polystyrene, Trinseo provides customers with solutions using a variety of technologies to achieve sustainability objectives with this important material.

As one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of polystyrene globally, Trinseo knows the ubiquity and importance of the material in our society. We also recognize that it is a highly sustainable and fully recyclable material for every end market and are working diligently with the industry to optimize that potential.

Trinseo is engaged in a number of initiatives to unlock the circularity of polystyrene, namely in depolymerization, clean mechanical recycling, as well as dissolution. Circularity of the material is critical as it diverts waste material away from landfills and the environment, leading to a reduction in greenhouse gases and harmful emissions.

It also works to eliminate other environmental concerns caused by potentially imprudent action. With a leadership position in the development of circular polystyrene, Trinseo participates in the following:

  • We are a founding member of Styrenics Circular Solutions, a consortium that explores new methods for polystyrene recycling
  • In North America, AmSty, a Trinseo joint venture and leader in polystyrene and styrene monomer production, recently formed a joint venture of its own with Agilyx, a world leader in chemical recycling of waste plastic, named Regenyx. This initiative is dedicated to fully recycling post-consumer polystyrene materials back into new polystyrene products using the circular method known as the PolyUsable process.

Watch a Video Focused on Sustainable Solutions & Mechanical versus Chemical Recycling:

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