People Strategy

Our Company’s culture has been established over the years and brought to life by the people that are Trinseo.

As we look forward, we are taking steps to refine and strengthen our culture by building on our strengths, identifying opportunities for improvement, and reinforcing those attributes that will allow us to progress further along our transformative journey to become an innovative solutions provider of sustainable materials.

2020 Employee Reporting

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People Strategy

Our People Strategy is integrated to support:

Organizational Development
To design organization models to achieve business strategies, assess employee engagement, evolve the culture, and facilitate and foster open, two-way communication

Talent Management
To attract and select the right talent for the right roles, onboard new employees to improve integration, build critical capabilities, and develop leaders of the future with a culture of collaboration among high-performing and diverse teams

Recognition and Rewards
To manage, measure, and pay for performance; differentiate and recognize job growth with increases, promotions, and pay; distribute Annual Performance Awards; and utilize the Arrow Award program to recognize outstanding contributions from employees throughout the year

New Employee Onboarding & Integration

In 2020, Trinseo launched a new, globally consistent approach to onboarding and integrating new hires into the Company. Dubbed the PowerUp! Program, the new process provides tools and guidance for preparing for a new hire’s arrival and ensuring that during their first 90 days that they are feeling confident in their new role and connected within the greater company. 

Building a Culture for the Future

A key component of our sustainability commitment is building and maintaining a sustainable work environment for our employees. To help facilitate this, Trinseo conducted its first ever Culture Survey in 2020, which aimed to assess the current culture at Trinseo, including its strengths and opportunities for improvement, and those attributes that should be prioritized in further refining our culture for the future.

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